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We would venture to say that the P5 probably ranks fairly low in terms of WAF (wife acceptance factor). What with its big monstrosity in size and weight, the P5 will be a conspicuous giant piece of black metal sitting in your home theater room. But if you can “smooth” over the WAF or just love that industrial look in your room, the P5 has a lot more to offer that will appease all but the most demanding of audiovideophiles. The P5 measures 19.25″ wide, 22.5″ deep and 9.5″ tall and weighs a not too “extravagant” 130 lbs. Power output is 325W per channel (into five channels) and rockets up to 675W when the load drops to 2 ohms. This is tremendous amount of power coming out from the P5. So much so that it needs two power cords (2 x 1800W power consumption) on the back to avoid over tripping your breakers. With this enormous capacity, you can’t avoid hearing it sonically. The ability of the P5 to take in the reins of any soundtracks it is being fed with is impressive. Bass was deep and tight. Mids and vocals were very well chiseled out and accurate and the highs were sharp and detailed. We tried Saving Private Ryan through the P5 and the scene from Normandy is one of the best we have ever experienced. Bullets were wheezing across the rooms and the walls were rattling from the explosions. If you want a “statement” home theater setup that would truly impress your friends, this is it.

Cosmetically, there are some minor scuff marks and knicks and a few spots of sharpie touchup. Manual is available online and we have the matching D2 and D2v AV processor to go with it in a separate listing. Due to its weight and size, the amp will ship via freight where it will be strapped on to a pallet. Local pickup from our store is welcomed.