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If you thought that shiny glimmer that stretches across the cable looks like gold, IT IS. The Golden Oval speaker cables are Analysis Plus no-holds barred flagship speaker cables. It features their patented oval braiding and if that wasn’t enough, they added pure gold over their highest quality oxygen free copper. This resulted in a sound that is just so eclectic. It was ruthlessly revealing and yet “light” in its delivery. An almost supple like flow that just melts at your heartstrings with the music it delivers. At times, it was picking up tiny details that other lesser cables just couldn’t process and just that alone, the cable is amazing in itself. At this level of excellence (and price of course), there are only a handful of cables that can deliver a performance at such a level without impunity and the Golden Oval is one of them.

Cosmetically, the cable is in great condition with minor scuff marks from use (mainly around the spades). The cable had one previous owner whose entire system alone would have cost more than a house in most states. Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.