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Amphion has been making interesting sounding speakers at very reasonable prices. One of favorites is the Two18, a rather large monitor speakers but with such power and drama in its presentation. Adding to that favorite of ours is the pair of monoblocks you see here. The AMP500 are balanced monoblocks with a power rating of 500W per channel when it dips down to a demanding 2 ohm. These amps are in our opinion, the benchmark in transparency and absolute black backgrounds. They are so clean and efficient that it will nestle between the speakers, preamp and source unit with an innocuous invisibility in the setup. Compared to Bel Canto, the AMP500 is the less colored between the two (if there is any coloration at all).

The amps have a very interesting binding post (which are found on their speakers). They do take in bananas, bare wire and spades but with bananas, it is a bit more recess that the typical binding post. The front right corner of the top amp you see in the picture has a slight ding but its barely noticeable unless you look for it. One previous owner since new. Amps will be securely packed for safe shipping.