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This was a highly rated amp from the golden 80’s era where America was churning out top notch audio gears that you could own without taking out a second mortgage. The Series 70 was a serious rival to what Adcom, Hafler, Crown, just to name a few, were offering and in many comparisons, was the favorite pick. It produces a sturdy 70W per channel in 8 ohm and 140W in 4 ohm. When two are used in monoblock mode, it will rock out an astonishing 300W per channel. Running them as pairs was apparently the favorite setup if budget allows and if you have very current hungry speakers. Many audiophiles love how effortless the Series 70 can reproduce music. Music was smooth, had loads of bass and sweet, rich highs and mids. For under $300, this is a stunning bargain.

Overall, the amp looks good for its vintage. Top plate has a fresh coat of paint to cover up some scratches which you may want to sand down to even it out. But looks good right now as is. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.