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Not all power conditioners are built equal. And the AER Sound Power (by IPC) power conditioner takes this distinction a couple of steps further. With its patented Euphoria Technology found inside, the four outlet unit is distinctly different from other power conditioners we have used so far. In comparison to Isotek’s Titan power conditioner, the AER had a darker background, slightly deeper presentation when used in the same system. You can more about this fascinating Euphonia Technology which delves into protons, electrons and quantum mechanics that IPC had spent years researching and working on the technology that you will find inside this unit. The Sound Power can take any voltage from 110V to 240V so it can be used anywhere in the World. Of course the output voltage will be the same as the input voltage and is not voltage converter.

Cosmetically, there are some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Unit appears to have a fresh coat of paint and will be securely packed for safe shipping.