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When we talk about acoustic panels, we generally look at panels or tubes that we add into our listening room to dampen the either over energetic bass or over reflective soundwaves in the room. The Acouztic EQ panel or device as some would prefer to call them as such, tackles room treatment differently. Unlike the foam panels or tube traps that are typically found in most audiophile’s listening rooms, the Acouztic EQ panels are “actively” tunable via two knobs in the back. In the more conventional room treatment devices, you buy set rated panels or tube traps to tackle the specific frequency you want to control. With the Acouztic EQ, you just tune the knob to the desired setting for your room. So in effect, when you change to a larger or smaller listening room, you don’t need to buy or discard the current room treatment panels/devices that are already installed in your room. The “Damping” knob controls the level of sound absorption and the “Fin Tuning” knob controls the level or sharpness of the soundstage. Both of these controls utilizes their proprietary Euphoria Technology which you can read more on their website (very interesting read about protons, electrons and neutrons…). The manufacturer recommends that four units be used where each unit is located in each of the four corners or if you only have room for two, that they be placed in the two corners behind the speakers. We tried the latter and the result is positively rewarding. But we didn’t place them in the corner (due to space constraint with our many speakers in the room) but rather at a 45 degree angle from the back of the speaker and about 18″ away. The before and after effect is the Acouztic EQ added a bit more jazz/ liveliness into the soundstage. Its not a day and night difference but definitely audible. The nice thing about them is you can play around with the positioning of the panels if your room is not a typical rectangular shaped room. When we tried with three (one placed just behind the listening position), that brought the focus more pinpoint to the center.

Cosmetically, the set looks fair. There are some scuff marks/nicks here and there and some light stains on the fabric covering but nothing major. One of the panel has some velcro tape on the back where it was hung on the wall previously (that unit is also a later production piece which is why it has a different label on the back). The stands are fine with the usual minor nicks/dings on the bottom edge and one of them has a bit of production boo boo where the acrylic holders were drilled 1/4″ too far apart so the panel sits a bit loose in that stand but still holds it securely. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be shipped in two boxes where the panels are shipped in one and the stands in the other.