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Back in the day, when you run through the mid-fi category, you would always find several Adcom pieces recommended. The GTP-500 was one of those. It was nicely musical, smooth, and almost “faultless to a t”. Paired with any of their amps, you could be enjoying a pre/power combo for well under $2,000 (depending which power model you choose) that would sit high on the mid-fi category for one of the best sounding combo you can put together. With a built in tuner, all you need add is just a CD player, turntable and  a pair of speakers and you would have your neighbors spending more evenings in your house than theirs.

Cosmetically, the preamp has minor marks here and there but nothing major. Previous owner modded the preouts by limiting it to just a pair (red ring for right and white ring for left) with a shorter direct signal path out. We don’t have the original box or remote but will securely pack this for safe shipping.