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ThisĀ is a very interesting GFA-555 MKII amp. It was previously sent to Hoppe’s Brain, an Adcom refurbishing/repair specialist, for a full upgrade – better caps, better transistors, beefier AC cord etc (you can read more about it on Hoppe’s Brain website) for almost $600. And the result is an incredible sounding amp. The original was already a very good amp at $900 MSRP but with this upgrade, it could have passed off as a $2,000 amp. It was sonically purer, cleaner and had better soundstaging and presence. Bass was tighter with even deeper resonance and the highs were better defined and sweeter. Clearly, the upgrades done to it has raised the level of performance of a good amp to an excellent amp especially when it cost this “cheap”. If you see the picture of the inside, you can clearly see it was very well done by an Adcom professional who not only knows his stuff but can engineer it to sound even better. The upgraded GFA-555 MKII was measured (by Hoppe’s Brain) to produce 260W now in 8 ohms and with the better parts use, is suppose to give another 30 years worth of listening pleasure!

Cosmetically, the amp looks really good. Some minor marks for age but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.