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Adam Audio may have started their roots in the pro audio side but their years of experience in extracting accurate sound from the pro audio environment is clearly exemplified here in the Tensor Gamma speakers. Each speaker spots an X-ART tweeter and midrange and two 9″ midwoofer and bass driver. The midwoofer and bass driver are powered internally via its 250W amplifier and has a frequency response of 26 Hz to 50 KHz. The extraordinary top end was clearly audible in our listening session where the speakers (in typical pro audio fashion) projected out a crispy presentation with excellent transparency and detail. The two 9″ woofers then rounded up the mids and bottom end with a powerful and rich warm sounded. Although the speakers has an onboard amplifier, you would still need an amp where you will run a pair of speaker wires into the Tensor Gamma and drive the X-ART tweeter and midrange. The crossover inside will split the mids and bass into its own amplifier. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 91dB. Because of its rear firing woofer, the speakers needs to be placed at least 3ft away from the rear and side wall. Careful positioning is required to bring out the best from these speakers. In our listening room, we had them about 7 feet apart and slightly toed in.¬†Each speaker is about 44″ tall, 13″ wide and 14″ deep.

There are several interesting features on this speaker. Like the amp selection option where you can jumper the speaker to either solid state amp or tube amp that will be paired with it. There is also a tweeter level selector and parametric bass equalizer for finer adjustments to best fit the speaker to your listening environment. Lighted brand display can also be switched off if you don’t want it but we found it to be a cool feature in a dimly lighted listening room.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Being that it is gloss black, the usual polishing swirl marks can be found and a few light nicks/scratches here and there from use. Speakers have some weight to them (about 120lbs each) and will have to be shipped strapped on a pallet. We don’t have the original boxes but have a copy of manual.