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The Tensor Beta speaker you see here is a much bigger speaker over the Tensor Gamma that we also have in the store and for sale at $4,995 ($17,000 MSRP). Each Tensor Beta has five drivers (versus four on the Tensor Gamma) where the X-ART tweeter and X-ART midrange and the 7.5″ cone midrange are installed in a separate enclosure that is decoupled from the bottom enclosure that has the two 11″ bass woofers (versus one 9″ in the Tensor Gamma). This top unit basically sits on three leather clad sand bags that are placed in a shallow recess area on the top of the bass unit. With its larger twin woofers, the Tensor Beta extends 4 Hz lower than the Gamma at 22 Hz with the highs topping out at 50KHz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm and the sensitivity is 91dB. The Speaker stands approximately 51″ tall, 14″ wide and 18″ deep and weighs a hefty 170 lbs each (120 lbs in the Gamma). At the back of each speaker is a variety of controls which allows you to set the speaker to be paired with a transistor or tube amp, tweeter and bass adjustments and frequency equalization.

When we listened to these speakers, it was clear from the start, its pro audio heritage lives in vivid detail through the speakers. Presentation was crisp and clear with excellent transparency and detail. The bass was tight and fast and surprisingly, not over powering or boomy. Some careful placement in the room is necessary to get the speakers to sound its optimum best. Quality of amplification is also critical. We had the speakers paired to a VAC tube amp and a pair of Accuphase M-2000s with excellent result. Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Being that it is gloss black, the usual polishing swirl marks can be found and a few light nicks/scratches here and there from use. We have the original boxes (four boxes in total) and will have to be shipped strapped on a pallet.