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One of the critical essence of any World class home theater system is the center channels speaker. Without it, dialogue will be lost and the flow of sound around the room gets confusing. There are many different kinds of center channel speaker that “corrects” that. Most of them will do their job adequately but there are the rare few, those that are reserved for the top class home theater system, that really makes a big difference in the home movie experience. Like the B&W HTM1D that we sold a while back. That was a monster of a center channel speaker. The Adam Tensor Center you see here, shares many similarities with the HTM1D and then some. It is still big and heavy (almost 100lbs) but way more manageable than the B&W. The speaker is 29″ wide and 14″ tall and 14″ deep with two 9″ HexaCone woofers and a X-ART midrange and tweeter. Powering the woofers are two built in amplifiers that will produce 200W. The tweeter and midrange are powered up by your system’s amplifier.

$7,000 is a lot of money to spend on a center channel speaker but if you want a World Class center speaker, this is the price of entry. The Adam TENSOR CENTER is so ruthlessly powerful that if you don’t have equally capable left and right speakers, it will drown them out. Thankfully, we had the $31,000 TENSOR Beta speakers (also for sale in a separate listing) that partnered the TENSOR CENTER and the $17,000 TENSOR GAMMA as surrounds, for an ear bleeding, all impactful movie watching session. Dialogue was outstandingly accurate and the pace of delivery had no equals. Every note was delivered exceeding quick and with lots of punch. Car chases and gun battles were so realistic, we could feel our hearts beating with the excitement on screen. That is what good home theater speakers are supposed to do – deliver almost real life experiences while watching the movie.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Being that it is gloss black, the usual polishing swirl marks can be found and a few light nicks/scratches here and there from use. Due to the size and weight of the speaker, freight shipping is required. We have the original box and a copy of the manual.