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The GTC-77 are speakers for the audiophiles who wants his/her music to be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy. These are pretty transparent speakers and what it is being fed, is what it will reproduce. There is little exaggeration of frequency spectrum, which lies from 38Hz to 50Khz (thanks to its X-ART tweeter). Speakers do demand a high quality amp and one that is capable of dipping down to 4 ohms. Listening to them can be a richly rewarding experience. The initial clean and clear sound will slowly draw upon you and if you are like us, will start pulling out your old or other CDs and start listening to them all again to hear what may have been missing before.

An interesting feature of the speaker is that the drivers are sectionalize into three sections which you can move around. Currently,the tweeter and mid-range section is placed into the middle because it was previously mounted on a “stage” at the dealership’s home theater room. You can have them moved to the top if you are using them on the floor. Each speaker is about 34″ tall, 12″ wide and 13″ deep.

The speakers are former dealer demo units. There are a few minor scuff marks from being used as demos but nothing major. Original box and manual included.