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$350 Original Price: $800
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The RL-11 is essentially the remote control version of the LS-11. Both are remarkable preamps for the money in its heyday and is still a class leading preamp today. Pitch against its other contemporaries and you will be amazed with its musicality, first rate sound and accuracy. The preamp is also a very well engineered piece with top quality parts and solid construction (you won’t expect anything less from a Mondial Design component) that its original $800 MSRP was a bargain for something this good. Pair this with any Acurus amp (see our other listing for the Acurus A80 amp) and you would hear a close sonic semblance to its more expensive Aragon brethren pre/power combos. For under $400 now, this is “budget” high end.

Cosmetically, it is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks but nothing major. We will securely pack this for safe shipping.