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Swisscables is one of those brands that is a hidden gem. The Reference XLR pair you see here was a former dealer demo pair and sits in the middle of a three range offering from Swiss Cables. Pitched as a mid-tier interconnect cable for the mid-range system, the Reference XLR was an impressive cable and if we had to rank it, it would in the upper range (like in the top 10) of the mid-range cable category. It had a nice transparency with a touch of warmth and a naturally organic sound to it. It may not be as revealing as Nordost’s Valhalla cable that we compared it with but it also does not cost as much as a Valhalla. Just a smooth, velvety sound. Cables are handmade in Switzerland. XLR plugs need extra mention here because they are such high quality pieces!

The pair you see here was a former dealer demo pair. Some minor scuff marks here and there from being used as a demo but nothing major. Paper labels may need a bit of glue to reseal but otherwise, no other issues. We have the original box and will have it securely packed for safe shipping.