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Well, speakon connectors are the latest trend now where it provides a secure and safe connection between your amp and speakers (no chance of the positive and negative terminals touching each other). But if you don’t have terminals that would accept speakon connectors, not a problem. They are easily removable and you can then fit on spades or bananas. Just like the pair you see here which came out of the factory with speakon connectors. Just a quick push of a tab and unscrewing the cables off the terminal plates and you are ready to fit on your preferred spades or bananas.

The SPC-PA speaker cables you see here are Acoustic Revive’s award winning speaker cables. The cable is all about refinement, delicacy in sound. The level of transparency at this price now, is unmatchable. If you are looking for a pair of speaker cables that simply passes through signals without influencing it with its own sonic attributes, the SPC-PA is an excellent choice for it.

Cables are in excellent shape. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.