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Acoustic Revive, as far as we are concern, has been making some dramatic product lines. Their latest offering, the Absolute series of interconnect cables takes their reputation up another notch. Touted as the cables with the highest conduction rate in the World, the Absolute cable was a thrill to use. Its not eye opening, jaw droppingly significant from other high end cables but they offer a more transparent option in the high end cables. When we listened to this against Nordost’s Odin cables, the Absolute had a slightly better transparency but also sounded slightly lighter when compared to the Odins. If the end goal for your system is to reveal as much of the signal as possible, the Absolute is a worthy contender. But it may also open a can of worms in your system because it may reveal all its shortcomings. The previous owner of this cable has a full Acoustic Revive cable setup and a system that cost North of $70,000. Is this where your system must be to use these cables? We will leave that answer to your discretion. But this is our new favorite cable in the store. The pair you see here is their limited production run Absolute-FM series which had the uber expensive material, FINEMET sleeves incorporated in the plugs. As to what that is, let me quote it from their info page – “it is an expensive element by the Hitachi Metals, Ltd. It is an amorphous metal obtained by rapid cooling of a molten alloy, which consists of: Fe, Si, B and small amounts of Cu and Nb. By heating the alloy to a temperature higher than its crystallization temperature, the metal changes its structure to nanocrystalline. Its purpose is to filter high-frequency interference.”

Cables are in excellent shape. One owner since new. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Cable is 3m long.