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Here is an interesting board that you can try putting it under your audio component. With a maximum load of 130lbs, the RAF-48 air floating board is good for any audio component except the bigger and heavier stuff. With a width of 17.5″ and a depth of 15.75″, it should accommodate a wide range. And all you need to do prior to putting the component on top of it, is to pump some air into it. The premise behind this is that air is a better insulator against vibration instead of rubber feet because the component is kept “floating” with that pocket of air between it and the bottom shelf. The results seem to work better with vibration sensitive components like CD players, preamps and some smaller dimension turntables. The piece you see here is their current and improved version where hickory wood is used.

Cosmetically, the board looks fine. Some scuff marks on the top board from components that were sitting there and corner dings around its four corners from insufficient packing when it was shipped to us. Air pump is included. One owner since new. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it this time round for safe shipping.