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This latest offering from Acoustic Revive was years in the making. And what a gem it is. Acoustic Revive’s focus have always been on the conductors in their cables and the TripleC AC cord you see here takes their approach to attaining their “purest” form even further. The “TripleC” essentially means “Continuous Crystal Construction”. The construction process/method is quote unique and actually traces back to the way Japanese sword makers have been making their swords – forging. There is an extensive write up you can read up but it is basically a very laborious process of folding the copper over and over again to achieve that singularity in its crystal construction. Technicality aside, the AC cord is a worthy challenger to some of the megabucks AC cord that we have sold in our store. It may be less weighty than the 25th Anniversary AC cord from Purist Audio Design or Gobel’s Lacorde Statement AC cord but it has a transparency and finesse that gives it a nice smooth clean sound. If your budget do not extend to the 25th Anniversary or the Lacorde Statement, this is the next best thing. We had it attached to our Zanden pre and power and the transformation was sweet. The Zanden combo sounded smoother, sweeter and more “light footed” in its presentation with the soundstage attaining a bit more drama and was less “anchored” down. The Furutech plugs on both end of the cable is a class act of its own.

Cable is in excellent shape. One owner since new. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.