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For the most natural sounding line conditioner, look no further than the Acoustic Revive RTP-2 Ultimate. The RTP-2 Ultimate is the culmination of all the vibration and noise control technology seen on their other products into this line conditioner. We provided a link where you can read more about the impressive way it is built and the kind of exotic materials used – Duralumin, Green Carborundum, Tourmaline powder, natural quartz powder etc.

The amazing thing about the RTP-2 Ultimate is its ability to cast a darker and quieter background. Music flow was smoother and a tad more organic sounding. We found the improvement greatest when a CD player (or any other digital sources) and preamp is plugged into its two outlets. Amplifiers that cost less than $3000 had some improvements too where there was less strain in their sound. The top plate has some minor marks but nothing major and some minor scuff marks on its body. We have the original box. They are not sold with AC cord because Acoustic Revive left it to the buyer’s discretion on the type of AC cords to be used but we will include a generic AC cord with it.