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The RPC-1 is quite an interesting product. It is not a power conditioner in the typical sense but a power supply conditioner where it acts as a filter to clean up the power supply in your audio system. It can be plugged into an outlet of your “typical” power conditioner (or power strip) or the outlet on the wall. As we typically have two outlets on a outlet, the RPC-1 can go into one and your power conditioner/strip goes into the other. As the power cord on the RPC-1 is just slightly under 16″, going with the second option does limit wall outlet plug in to the wall outlets that are located close to the floor. But it does save one outlet from the power conditioner/strip from being used if you have more components than the number of outlets on your power conditioner/strip.

Using proprietary circuitry that does not use capacitors and resistors to filter out the high frequency noises, the RPC-1 allowed the “musical notes” to sound more “freely” and natural. Although Acoustic Revive said that the RPC-1 can be plugged into an outlet in another room (so long as it is within the same circuit) and reap the same benefit, we found that it is still best when used closer to your hifi system.

Cosmetically, the┬áRPC-1 is in pretty good condition with just minor scuff marks here and there common with use. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.