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It is all about the metal and material engineering when it comes to the science behind the RIO-5II. And for that, Acoustic Revive did do some amazing in-depth study into this and produced this RIO-5II. You can read more about the technicality behind the working of the RIO-5II and how their research is objectified by its research so we will just share with you our findings on how this accessory has worked in our store.

Putting the RIO-5II to use is a simple affair. Plug in the AC cord, turn on the unit so that the halogen bulb inside heats up the tourmaline balls and then just place the CD you are going to listen to on top of it and turn the convection fan on. After about 8-10 secs, the RIO -5II will automatically stop (only the convection fan, you will need to turn off the unit to turn the halogen bulb off or else it will get very got) and then you just lift the CD off and put it into your CD player. The disc sounded different from its pre-RIO-5II treatment. Music was slightly brighter and minute background details could be heard and the mid-range slightly warmer. To a certain degree, music was slightly more up beat and lively after the treatment. Their effect is very similar to the Stein Music Harmonizer that we had in the store before albeit with a different treatment of sort.

$595 is quite a princely sum of money to splash on the RIO-5II since you are literally doing most of the work by treating each disc but for under $300 now, it is worth the investment. This is their latest, current model. Unit is 100V and seems to work fine with 110V but no harm in getting a low wattage step down converter from RadioShack or Amazon if you choose to. The cover of the unit is secured by “twisting” it around the base unit where there are two guiding pins. Unfortunately, one of the pin is broken off but the cover still secures properly because there are two additional back screws (see picture on the power plug plate) that locks it in.