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This is an accessory that we have priced affordably for the audiophile who have not heard or use the RD-3 disc demagnetizer. Backed by results where Acoustic Revive showed the reduction of error rates and frequency anomalies after a disc is demagnetized, the RD-3 is an accessory that should be used by an audiophile just like how spikes are an integral part to speakers and components. Visit any CES show or hifi shows and you would see many of the auditioning rooms using the RD-3. And being that it is still being produced and sought after so many years since its launch, is a testament to the product itself. The RD-3 rarely comes out as used because no one ever gives it up. This one only became available because the previous owner of this unit has archived all his music into a hard disk (his primary source unit) and has stopped using CDs. Use is simple and straightforward. Just put a CD (or DVD) with the  label facing down and hit the power button. After a few seconds, the CD is demagnetized and ready to be put into your player.

The unit will be shipped in its original box. Some light scuff marks from use but otherwise looks pretty good and works perfectly.