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If you have the room (especially ceiling height) to accommodate these speakers, they are the best speakers you can buy for $1,000. Each speaker is 94″ tall, 20″ wide and 20″ deep (base plinth). We previously had the 1+1 and the 2+2 is like the double the pleasure for a little bit more money. As with the 1+1, the scale of the soundstage is enormous. Due to its height, it creates a rather tall dispersion of the soundstage. To keep it in balance with the breadth of the soundstage, the 2+2 needs optimal positioning from the rear and back walls where the music convolutes to give it a good solid mid-stage presence. The strength of the 2+2 is their scale and imaging. It may not be as punchy or dynamic (they are rated to go down to 28Hz) as regular cone drivers with certain genre of music but with vocals and jazz, they are simply superb. The highs are nicely rolled off and can lack the “crispiness” of a dome tweeter which some users are used to if they have no prior experience with Acoustats. But after a few songs and when you become acclimatize with them, you will relish the wide sweet spot and holographic imaging it offers.

The 2+2 does however need a lot of good clean amplification to sound their best. 75W is like the bare minimal to run them and with higher outputs, the sound quality improves exponentially. The pair you see here has the MK-121 interface which basically allowed the speakers to be driven with different amplifiers or an amplifier of your choice.

Due to their size, they are for pickup only at our store location in Closter, NJ. Cosmetically, they are in very good shape for its vintage. Sock covers have no tears or holes that we could find.