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This was once Accuphase’s second from the top integrated amp. With 180W per channel, it was a tremendously powerful sounding integrated amp. Add its solid built quality, precision finish, high end parts used and a very well engineered circuitry, the E-450 never fails to please in our listening session with it. McIntosh may offer their own version of a high end integrated but the two brands cannot be more different in their presentation of music. The McIntosh has a slightly “looser” control over its presentation than the Accuphase, where it exhibited a bit more control and cleaner lines. In our opinion, the McIntosh is nice sounding but the Accuphase has the edge in being more “premium” sounding. Which is why for many audiophiles, it was the next best alternative to a separate pre/power combo. In the sub-$10,000 amp category, this would easily be among our top five favorite amp, pre/power combo included. There are two slots on the rear panel where you can add the optional DAC card (DAC-20) into the “Option 1” slot or a phono stage (AD-20) into the “Option 2” slot.

Cosmetically, the Accuphase is in good shape. Minor scuff marks/nicks here and there (mainly on the sides of the unit) but nothing major. We have the original remote and box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.