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The DP-85 is nothing short of incredible. As always, Accuphase over build their products. It weighs in a hefty 43 lbs and the smooth operating disc tray is the epitome of first class operation. We had the DP-75v earlier and the DP-85 is sonically superior. Music reproduction had more finesse and definition (from an already excellent DP-75v). This is truly what a high end digital player is all about. If you are planning to use the DP-85 as an SACD transport, please note that the digital output of a SACD must pass through its HS-Link output. The conventional coaxial digital output is only for regular CD digital out. We have also the DP-100 and DC-101 transport and DAC combo if you must have the reference of reference digital playback. There is also two digital inputs – optical and coaxial should you have other digital players and want to use the DAC on the Accuphase to reproduce the digital signal coming out from those other digital players.

Cosmetically, the unit is in good shape. Very minor scuff marks from use and a few tiny nicks and a small light scratch on the left faceplate but nothing major. An Accuphase remote is included and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.