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Anything that comes out from Accuphase always tends to be incredibly well engineered and superbly well built. Take this DP-75V fro example, built and engineered to perfection. A brief five minutes was all it takes to have our jaws drop to the floor. No wonder Jonathan Scull from Stereophile magazine emphatically proclaim it as the best one box digital player he has ever reviewed.

Pitted against Esoteric’s X-01 CD player, the Accuphase was the slightly warmer sounding machine. Both were equally good in their own rights and choosing one over the other would give you the winning hand for a first class sound system. You will not be disappointed with either machine. But one big advantage the Accuphase has over the Esoteric is its expansion slots on the back which allows the DP-75V to not only act as a transport and DAC but also as a preamp when the appropriate expansion cards are installed. A digital volume feature in the player also allows it to be hooked up directly to a poweramp if you plan to have only one source unit in your system.┬áThis would drastically simplify the whole system and keep its “purity” by passing through the signals undiluted from a preamp and straight into a power amp.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape. Very minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original manual and remote and will securely pack it for safe shipping.