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If your plans are to put in a pair of speakers that won’t take up more than 1 sq ft of floor space each, you can either get a bookshelf speaker mounted on stands with limited low frequency range or you could get this L-1290. At 10.5″ wide and 12″ deep, it will just about fit into the 1 sq ft space with a bit of room to spare. It stands 42″ tall with four drivers – two 8.3″ woofers, one 2″ soft-dome midrange and one 0.75″ dome tweeter in a 3-way setup. Frequency range is 40 Hz to 27 KHz with a 90 dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. For under $600 now, these are a pair of speakers that will easily crush all other competing sub-$600 speakers. It was good on paper (lab results) and in the auditioning rooms, a jaw dropper of a speaker. Paired to a good quality amp, the L-1290 never fails to deliver its musical goods. Its dynamic without to obnoxiously in your face and the mids and highs were smooth, warm and nicely detailed. In its day, many consider it the state of the art sub-$2,000 floorstander that even today, among newer competition with improved drivers and engineering, is still a worthy challenger.  Speakers can be bi-amped if need to but otherwise, just remove the rear panel and plug your speaker wires into the binding posts. The optional base plate is included.

Cosmetically, they look good for its vintage. Just the usual scuff marks/nicks common with use on the speakers and some dings around the base plates. One of the dust cap of one of the woofers and one of the midrange driver have a slight dimple but works fine. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be shipped in three boxes.