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The Midnight Blue from 47 Labs is their more affordable range (their more premium range is the Reference series). The 4736 is the integrated amp from the range. Its sibling from the Reference range, the Gaincard, is a $6,850 (50W version with two Power Humpty) or $4,000 (25W version with one Power Humpty) alternative if your budget extends to it. The 4736 at $2,500 MSRP is somewhat a bargain when you factor their retail prices. But unlike the Gaincard, the 4736 has three line inputs, a pair of record out for a tape and an iPod jack in the front. The Gaincard has only one pair of input unless you splurge another $1,000 for the Input Chooser which will allow another additional four line inputs to be connected. Sonically, the Gaincard is the better sounding integrated. But the 4736 is not far behind. And at thousands less, it won’t empty your wallet as much. It shares the same simplicity in design as the Gaincard where emphasis is centered around transparency, neutrality and finesse. If you want to put together a stunning system for a small room or office, the 4736 and its Lens Alnico speakers (also for sale in a separate listing) is an outstanding combination if you yearn for a setup that just lets the music flow in its unadulterated form. Its 40W was more than sufficient in that pairing and even drove some of our larger speakers in the store with ease. Bottom line, the 4736 is just as impressive sonically as the more expensive Gaincard but with more flexibility and at a lower price tag. If you want a bit more power, a unique looking eye catching three piece setup and the funds for it, the Gaincard is an excellent choice. We have that for sale in a separate listing.

Cosmetically, the integrated looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.