Wilson Audio Sasha reference floorstanders. Absolute Sound recommended. $28,000 MSRP

Selling for $12,995.00

Improves over the WATT/Puppy series!


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The Sasha was the next evolution from Wilson Audio’s iconic WATT/Puppy range. Similar in structure wise where each speaker is comprised of one bass cabinet and a top/monitor unit that houses the midwoofer and tweeter. Four drivers are used with two 8″ bass units in the bass cabinet and one 7″ midwoofer and one 1″ inverted dome tweeter in the top/monitor unit.  The Sasha has also grown bigger from the WP range (we will be cross referencing with the WP8 since that was the last WP model) where it is almost 3″ taller at 44″ and wider at 14″ (13″ in the WP8) and 21.25″ deeper (18.75″ in the WP8). It is still very demanding in terms of amplification where the amp must be able to go under 2 ohm and have the current/reserve to supply to the Sasha on challenging soundtracks. Sensitivity is 91 dB with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm. Frequency response is a bit more generous with a 20 Hz to 27 kHz spread versus 21 Hz – 22.5 kHz in the WP8.

Room placement for the Sasha is a necessary exercise to have the speakers find the sweet spot of its soundstage. Just like the WP speakers before it, maneuvering them can be physically challenging where each speaker weighs almost 200 lbs. But once you have found the best spot in the room for them, you will be richly rewarded with its confident, fast and punchy sound. Mids were transparent with the highs clean and detailed. These are not “lazy” sounding speakers or too warm to the point where it sounds a bit too muddled. Many reviewers have ranked them among the top 3 best sounding speakers for under $30,000.  Speakers look really nice with just minor scuff marks here and there (mainly around the under side/edges of the speakers. We have the original crates (3 of them) and they will be shipped strapped on the pallet.


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Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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Minor scuff marks here and there




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