Well Tempered Labs Classic turntable w/ Blue Oasis MC cartridge & dustcover. $4,650 MSRP

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Revolutionary turntable!

Original Price: $4,650.00


This was a pretty sophisticated turntable in its day. Even today, many vinyl enthusiast remain in awe with its design and sound. Setup can demand a lot of patience and a very steady hand but once it is properly establish (like the one you see here), you have nothing else left to do except sit back and enjoy your records. The arm sits in a cup of silicone arm fluid and suspended/balanced via a nylon string that is the trickiest part of the setup. But put on a great cartridge, like the Blue Oasis MC cartridge that is installed now, the whole turntable is ready to complete with other turntables costing up to $10,000. Motor pulley is housed in a separate chassis and the belt is then looped around the acrylic platter. The motor chassis base has some nicks around it but its cosmetic only and has no impact on the performance. Extra tube of silicone fluid and pulley (for nylon string belt) are included. Rest of the turntable looks good with the usual scuff marks common with use.

We don’t have the original packaging and due to its open access of the silicone fluid, this is for local pickup only.

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 18 in

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Some scuff marks here and there