Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand floorstanders. Absolute Sound recommended $3,500 MSRP

Selling for $1,750.00

Unbeatable in a small or medium size room


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These are the speakers the reviewer from Absolute Sound magazine declared as the best sounding speaker she has ever heard at this price range. We recently pitted it against Avance Audio’s Signature 7 MKII and they both won equal amount of praises from our customers who listened to both in a recent shootout. The Avance speaker had more details, tighter bass and a more transparent mid-range. The Baby Grand had a smoother, warmer mid-range and highs. Bass was solid but as as tightly defined as the Avance speaker. So depending on your taste and the equipment you are going to pair the speakers with, it can vary the sound a little. But both came up tops and it boiled down to a matter of taste and type of gears that will be driving them. Imaging on the Baby Grand was a bit less forward sounding than the Avance Audio Signature 7 MKII which projected a presence just in front of the Vienna’s. So if you have a longer room, the Baby Grand might be more suitable but if you have a shorter room and want the imaging to be projected a bit more forward than the speakers, the Avance Audio might be the better choice. Considering how the later version of the Baby Grand (known as the Symphony Edition) is $6,000 now, the Baby Grand is a steal for one third the price with almost identical specs and and an easy 90% of its sound. The Baby Grand is a true three way speaker with a 1.1″ silk dome tweeter and three 6″ polypropylene/TPX cone – one for the mids and two for the bass. Frequency response is 30 Hz to 22 KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 91dB.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The grille covers are all good with all pegs intact and we have the original boxes for them (not in the best condition but will double box it). They are shipped in two boxes so factor in double shipping cost if shipping is required.



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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 12 × 18 in

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Some scuff marks here and there




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