Velodyne DD-18 Plus subwoofer. Legendary DD series. $7,500 MSRP (Copy)

Selling for $2,495.00

The industry standard for deep bass!


Original Price: $7,500.00

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The DD series were a wildly popular series and every model in that series are industry standard bearers for what a subwoofer should sound like. The DD-18 Plus you see here is their second largest model after the DD-1812 and improved over the original DD-18. This sub is huge – 22.7″ x20.7″ 25.6″ (HWD) and weighs a hefty 140 lbs. Driving the massive 18″ woofer is an onboard amp that pumps out 1,250W. The sub will go down to a bone shaking 14 Hz with 120 Hz its top cutoff. So if your speaker goes down pass 120Hz, it is an easy process blending the sub to your speaker.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer is in pretty good condition. The gloss black finish has the usual polish swirl marks on it but that is almost universally common on any black gloss finish. Otherwise, the subwoofer looks really good and performs 100%. Remote control is included but has a fair bit of scuff marks on the underside. We don’t have the original box but will securely strap this on to a pallet for safe shipping.


Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

Manufacturer Website



Some scratches and polishing swirl marks


Gloss Black