Symphonic Line RG5 reference floorstanders. Lots of positive reviews! $22,000 MSRP

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Amazing sounding DAC

Original Price: $22,000.00

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Here is a pair of speakers that we fell more in love with after each time we listen to them. To be honest, when we first heard them, they sounded really good but didn’t create that “hold your breadth” moment. But each time we audition them, we were drawn further and further into them. They have this bewitching sound that on first listen, you know they are good but it didn’t really distinguish itself from other +$20,000 speakers. Then, it started working its magic. As we listen to them more, we began moving the benchmark higher and further away. They are not “muscle” speakers like the Wilson WATT/Puppys (that we also have for sale in another listing) but rather, the smoother, more “gentlemanly” sounding speakers. The Gorlich aluminum drivers (6.5″) are the culprits. Having been around for decades and found in some of the most expensive speakers, the Gorlich drivers are still one of the most musically accurate drivers ever created. In fact, they have been labelled as the World’s fastest dynamic driver. And that was what we heard over and over as we spent more time with it. These speakers are top notch music transducers. They demand top tier components and in our many listening sessions with it, we found the quality of the amp, source unit and speaker cables played a major role in how they sounded. So if you are planning to get them, make sure you have what it needs to fully exploit these speakers. Speakers are easy to drive with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 91 dB. Frequency response is 35 Hz to 20 KHz. Each speaker stands 39″ tall, 9″ wide and 12.5″ deep.

The RG5 pair you see here have the gorgeous mother of pearl finish. Speakers are painstakingly hand made in Germany with premium parts used on the crossover with no expenses spared even on the internal wiring that connects the drivers to the crossover board and WBT terminals on the rear. Speakers had one very careful owner from new and we have the original boxes for them. They look good overall with just minor scuff marks that are mainly on the bottom base edges. Local pickup from our stored preferred but if shipping is required, they will be strapped on a pallet for freight delivery.


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Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 26 in

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Minor scuff marks here and there





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