Sound Advance SA2B Invisible in-Wall/Ceiling speakers. DEMO. $530 MSRP

Selling for $150.00

For background music


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The reason why these are called invisible speakers is because they are designed to be mounted flush against the wall. The white diaphragm you see in the pics are the radiating surface where music or sound will emanating from. At 3″ thick (1.5″ is the thickness of the radiating diaphragm) and a 21″ by 14″ opening, the speakers will blend into your gypsum board seamlessly. Speakers are essentially a two-way system with a frequency range of 70 Hz to 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 90dB. They are not designed for critical listening or produce a jaw dropping spatial imaging but rather background and foreground music. The diaphragm can be painted over with water based light latex paint or vellum overlays (which you can buy with designs on them or custom images like your own pics or texts through ETSY or any art supply store) which you would paste on or you can just wrap them over with a light fabric. One of the speaker has a slight compression on the bottom edge of the diaphragm but has no impact on sound and a rip on the grille cloth on the back. You can use a lightweight drywall compound to even out the surface if you want. Once you have the speakers flushed against your drywall and painted over or have a decorative artwork wrapped over it, the speakers will really become invisible. These speakers were previously used as DEMOs in a dealer’s showroom. We don’t have the mounting brackets but you can easily get them from any hardware shop. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.




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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 10 in

Manufacturer Website



Some scuff marks and depression on one the diaphragm




In-Wall/Ceiling speakers