Soulution Audio 720 reference preamp w/MC phono stage. Absolute Sound award winner. $40,000 MSRP

Selling for $14,995.00

Reference standard preamp



The Soulution 720 reference preamp was an Absolute Sound magazine preamp of the year award winner. This preamp was previously paired with the 700 monoblocks for a $160,000 amplification system and only became available because the owner decided to try VAC’s $75,000 Statement preamp. If you want to listen to one of the most transparent sounding preamp available, the 720 is it. Its almost “invisible” and has no colorations or a specific kind of tonality in its sound. We have listened to a few similar preamps that shared the same kind of “voidness” but the Soulution 720 had better detail definition and character in the absence of any kind of sonic identity. Its like it has successfully separated itself from the audio signal and just allows it to flow right through without it influencing how it should sound. Your initial first few minutes (just like how we did) with the music coming through the 720 may come across as “starkingly naked” but once you start picking up the finer details, the increased revelation in the music, you would then start settling down and appreciating how precise the 720 preamp sounded. At the reference level, this is what a reference preamp should sound. The phono input is for MC cartridges only and the phono modules that is currently installed on its rear panel is impedance matched for 100 ohm. If you want a different value, you can order that with Soulution.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in really great shape. One owner from new and has been very well cared for. We have the original box and remote. Manual is available online.

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Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 18 in

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Minor scuff marks




Reference preamp