SEAS A26 speaker design based large monitor spks w/stands. Custom. $995 ONLY!

Selling for $995.00

Lots of bang for the buck!


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The large monitor speakers you see here were previously used as audition speakers by a local (New Jersey) speaker designer that has been making custom speakers for his customers. It is an “improved” designed over the SEAS A26 speaker kit where the designer built a larger cabinet to fully extract the best out of the A26RE4 10″ paper woofer. The original A26 kit had a dimension of 12.25″ (W) x 20″ (H) x 10.25″ (D) which is now enlarged to 12.5″ (W) x 24.5″ (H) x 19.5″ (D) with a bigger front firing port. Bass response is improved substantially with the reinforced cabinet design now dropping 71lbs each versus 8lbs in the original kit design. The highs are reproduced by SEAS award winning Excel T35-002 tweeter and the crossover design is a very simple Mundorf M-Cap Supreme and a Mundorf 3.9 ohm resistor. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 25 kHz with a nominal impedance of 6 ohm and a sensitivity of 90db. Driving the speakers were very easy but figure 40W or more to really get some forceful bass out of the 10″ woofers. Careful placement of the speakers in your room is highly recommended to get a picture perfect soundstage and imaging. The custom made stands you see in the pics are included in the asking price and is a fully welded metal design that weighs 41 lbs each. As both speakers and stands were originally designed for auditioning purpose, their finish is not showroom perfect but could be improved upon if you spend some time on them (like how the underside of the stands are not fully painted over). Our asking price for them is way under the cost that would take to build them. Just the two A26RE4 woofers and the two Excel T35C-002 tweeters alone cost $786! So for under $1,000 now with the solid metal fully welded stands, they are a BARGAIN!

Cosmetically, the speakers look presentable. Some scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. They were mainly used to showcase the custom design or manufacture possibilities that the designer offered to his customers. He has now retired so the pair you see here is the last one. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, we can ship them too. But due to their size and weight (collectively, they weight 224 lbs) they will have to ship strapped on a pallet. Pls contact us for a freight quote.

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Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 30 in

Some scuff marks/nicks here and there


Large monitor speakers