SABA HiFi-Lautsprecherbox II A monitor speakers. 1966 vintage masterpiece. $1,200 MSRP

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Collectible vintage speakers

Original Price: $1,200.00

If you love the sound of vintage speakers and collects them, the SABA HiFi-Lautsprecherbox II A you see here is one of the best surviving examples. Sure there are some scuff marks, minor dings here and there but for a nearly 60 year old speaker, they are in very good condition for the age. The speakers are a two-way design with an 8" woofer and an oval 4.5"x6.75" mid-tweeter driver. Each speaker has a control knob on the back that allows it to make subtle adjustments to the "brightness" of this mid-tweeter driver. Impedance is a nominal 4 ohm with a frequency range of 42 Hz to 20 kHz. The recommended power to drive them is between 25-30W. Which we strongly recommend they are derived from tubes or at least a very warm sounding solid state amp (like the Quad 34/405-2 combo that it was paired with). Vocals, in our opinion are the forte of these speakers. Voices were naturally reproduced with an almost life like presence in our listening room. They are definitely not suited for heavy rock soundtracks or synthesizer based music. If you like more bass, you could add a subwoofer to extend its bottom end. These speakers would have a retail of $1,200 based on their 1966 218DM price tag.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks/light scratches/dings here and there but nothing major. Still very collectible and a worthy addition to your vintage speaker collection. We don't have the original box but we can securely pack them for safe shipping. They will be shipped in two boxes so factor x2 on the shipping. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 24 in



Monitor speakers




Minor scuff marks/nicks here and there and some scratches