Panamax UPS-S500R Uninterruptible power supply. 6 outlets, 300W. $591 MSRP

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With audiophiles increasingly streaming their music, this Panamax UPS-S500R uninterruptible power supply is a great power supply unit that keeps your components running when there is power outage. It offers battery backup, voltage regulation, noise filtering and power surge protection throughout all of its six outlets. This is essential because it allows you to properly shut down each audio components. Especially if you are streaming music from a computer. The six outlets on the back are split into two groups – critical load and non-critical load. The three non-critical loads can be programmed to shut down immediately in the event of a power outage which will then “buy” more time for the three critical load outlets. If full load is being drawn, the battery backup will last three minutes. If the load is only half, the battery backup will last twelve minutes. Battery charge bars on the front will show you how much power reserve is available.

Unit is in very nice shape with minor scuff marks common with use. Rack ears and manual are included and we will have the unit securely packed for safe shipping.

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Minor scuff marks from use. See pics and listing






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