Musical Fidelity KW Hybrid preamp. Stereophile recommended. $5,000 MSRP

Selling for $1,795.00

Stereophile recommended.



This is the next best thing after the two box, limited production, Tri Vista KW preamp that lists for more than double the $5,000 price tag of the KW hybrid preamp. Its a hybrid design because it uses the sub-miniature 6112 tubes –  one for each channel to give it a “tube” warmth sound to an otherwise solid state design. Preamp is incredibly well made and weighs almost 46 lbs and would take up a sizeable chunk of shelf space with its 19″ width, 18″ depth and 7″ height. Design is very minimalist with just a huge volume knob on the front and push buttons to select the four line inputs, tape deck and HT pass through. Sonically, its transparent with a clean clear sound. Soundstage is well placed with really good spatial musical presentation. We have the matching KW 750 two chassis power amp in a separate listing that will make them a top notch pre/power combo.

Cosmetically, the unit is in pretty good shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and manual and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 14 in

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Minor scuff marks




Stereo preamp