Musica Cuculo-att passive preamp. BRAND NEW. New to USA! $795 MSRP

Selling for $795.00

New to the US market!

Anyone who has ever used a passive preamp knows how pure and unadulterated the music is when it passes through it and on to a power amp. Musica is a specialty brand in Japan that has been making some astonishing sounding audio gears since 2005. The design and build is all in house and painstakingly hand made. And we are proud to be their US distributor and very excited to bring their products to your home. Here are some fun facts – Musica is located in the Tokai region which is synonymous for being the most industrialized region in Japan. The headquarters of Toyota and Honda can be found here and back in the early half of the last century, had factories producing the ZERO fighter in WWII. In fact, the factory that make the steel chassis of the preamp also makes tanks!  The PC boards used in the Cuculo range comes from the same factory that makes PC boards that are used in Lexus and Toyota vehicles. And the beautiful stone that they used on the top of all Cuculo components are imported from Norway (they are called Emerald Pearl).

The Cuculo range are “compact” size components. Measuring about 4.5″ wide, 2 3/4″ tall and 8″ deep, the Cuculo-att is refreshingly compact and light. It has four line inputs and one line out (all RCAs) with an attenuated volume pot in the front and an input selector being the other control knob on the front fascia. Selector knob moves clockwise with input one on the far left and input four the last notch on the right. Simple and easy. On the sonic side of things, it is as musical as any passive preamps out there (including the much more expensive Music First Audio Baby Classic passive preamp we just sold). Transparency is really good for a under $1,000 preamp. You just need to add or have a really good source unit and amps (see our other listing for the matching Cuculo-mono amps) to form a first rate audio system. We have been auditioning the preamp/monoblocks in our store for weeks now (before taking up the US distributorship) and have received nothing but positive comments about them. So we are really excited they will be setting a benchmark at their very reasonable price points.

All Cuculo products will come with a one year warranty (to the original owner). Pics you see here are our store DEMO unit. You will be receiving a BRAND NEW unit upon your order.

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Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 16 in





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