Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A floorstanding speakers. Absolute Sound recommended. $16,500 MSRP

Selling for $8,995.00

Absolute Sound recommended


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These are Martin Logan’s second from the top speaker under their Masterpiece Series. If you have owned or heard their previous Summit X speakers, the Expression ESL 13A pushes higher the bar set by the Summit X. Both speakers may have the same 24 Hz to 23 kHz frequency range but the 13A exhibited a fuller, more voluminous bass response. It still uses the same dual 10″ high excursion, aluminum woofer but with a larger 300W x2 amp (versus 200W in the Summit X) and a bigger and more rigid bass cabinet, the bass sounded better (in our opinion) on the 13A. The mids and highs are slightly more refined but still retain the precision, revealing nature of its electrostatic transducer. In the 13A, with its larger physical size – 61.5″ x 13.4″ x 27.5 “, the radiating area is 15% bigger than the Summit X (they are also 40% heavier at 105 lbs) which gave it a slightly larger and deeper soundstage. Speakers were a joy to listen to. Imaging was surreal and in the right room and positioning, you could almost feel you are in a jazz club setting. If you have a medium to large size room, the 13A will fit in nicely.

Speakers look really nice with minor scuff marks from use. We have the original boxes and due to their large size, they will have to be shipped strapped on a pallet. Local pickup from our store welcomed but you will need to come with a large van.




Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 40 × 48 in

Manufacturer Website



Minor scuff marks


Dark Cherry


Hybrid electrostatic speakers