Marantz 10B FM tuner. Serviced w/the highly desirable Modafferi upgrade. $4,995

Selling for $4,995.00

The Rolex of vintage tuners

The 10B FM tuner is a very special tuner in hifidom. Its storied history alone is enough to earn its place in audio history without even mentioning its very special design, features and sonic excellence. The sonic part maybe be arguable amongst audiophiles but regardless, once you operate the unit, listen to it, there is no denying its a very special FM tuner. It was state of the art when it first came out and is still one of the benchmark pieces to beat now. Feed it with a good antenna signal and you will hear why it is so special and treasured even after so many decades. Obviously the amazing sound it is capable of did not come from lack of tubes. In fact, there are 21 tubes on it. Below are the list of tubes;

  • 6JK6: 9 tubes
  • 12AU7: 3 tubes
  • 12AX7: 5 tubes
  • 6U8: 1 tube
  • 6DZ4: 1 tube
  • ECC88/6DL4: 2 tubes

What makes this unit even special is that it was meticulously gone through by Audio Classics back in 2015 and was fully restored back to its original specs and upgraded with the highly desired Modafferi mods at more than $1,000 (after discount). Also included is its original cabinet and a spare, brand new oscilloscope tube (which cost more than $300 on its own). If you are planning to use the cabinet over the tuner, a fan is recommended to aid in the ventilation as the tubes do get pretty warmed up if there isn’t enough ventilation.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good for its vintage. Some scuff marks here and there which are expected but nothing major. We have a copy of the manual, receipts for the service and upgrade and original Audio Classic boxes. The tune is shipped in two boxes – one for the tuner and the other for the cabinet and spare oscilloscope tube. This unit is on another level of special and collectability so don’t miss the chance to own this legend!

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 14 in

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Very good for a vintage piece


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