KEF LS50 monitor speakers. Uni-Q technology. Lots of positive reviews. $1,500 MSRP

Selling for $795.00

Truly engaging monitor speakers


The LS50 are not particularly big speakers with a width of almost 8″, depth of 11″ and height of 12″. They could be used as desktop speakers or mounted on heavy sturdy stands if you want to cast a sweet soundstage with surprisingly depth and imaging. The speakers enjoy lots of space around it and with a rear vented port, sounds better off the rear wall when placed 2-3 feet out. Speakers carry the 12th generation Uni-Q driver array driver where within the 5.25″ magnesium/ aluminum allow woofer sits the 1″ vented aluminum dome tweeter. Frequency response is 79 Hz to 28 kHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 85 dB. Manufacturer recommends a minimum amplifier power of 25W but we would get it as close as possible to 100W. The speaker soaks up power and an amp with 100W has the power reserves to dip into when a challenging soundtrack is played through the speakers. Bass energy is not exactly pulsating so you might want to consider pairing a subwoofer with it to get more extension in the LF. In near field listening, we like how pinpoint it is when projecting a singer or musical instruments on the soundstage. If you are placing them on stands, you might need to figure out its optimum position in the room but if you are using them as a desktop system, its a straight up plug and enjoy. We just so happen to have a pair of C55 (with an earlier generation Uni-Q technology) to compare it with and the LS50 is the better sounding speaker. If you want precision, control, pace, the LS50 wins hands down. The C55 is a good sounding speaker but once you hear the LS50, its hard to forget it.

Overall condition of the speaker is good. Minor scuff marks here and there and slight polishing swirl marks but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe shipping.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 18 in

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