KEF HTS-2001.3 monitor speakers. Set of 3. Lots of positive reviews. $750 MSRP

Selling for $150.00

Award winning 2000 series speakers

Original Price: $750.00

From the award winning 2000 series, the HTS 2001.3 speakers shows why they are award winners. Standing just about 9″ tall, 5″ wide and 6″ deep, the speakers were able to project out a soundstage that were way bigger than their size suggests. Add the clean clear lines it produces, speedy response, crystal highs and very respectable LF (for speakers this small), the speakers were impressive whether it was paired to a 50″ TV or a 100″ screen. Frequency response is 80 Hz to 27 kHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 88dB. Adding a subwoofer is always a great idea if you want to extend the LF of the HTS 2001.3. Speakers are made from cast aluminum which is really a bonus when they are priced so cheaply. Most speakers at this price range are made from MDF boards. Price and listing is for three speakers – a stereo pair plus one center channel speaker.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Some scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.


Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 18 × 13 in

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Gloss Black


Minor scuff marks here and there.