KEF HTC3001SE center speaker. Uni-Q technology. $300 MSRP

Selling for $95.00

Big sounding compact center channel speaker


This was the center channel speaker from the 3000 series home theater speaker system that consists of four HTS3001SE satellite speakers and one HTB2SE subwoofer (listing and price is for the center channel speaker only). It is very compact in size – 5″ tall, 12″ wide and 7″ deep. But within this compact size is an amazing three way speaker with one 4.5″ UNI-Q array driver that has a 0.75″ aluminum tweeter in the center and two 3″ bass woofers on either side of the UNI-Q driver. Frequency response is 65 Hz to 55 KHz with a sensitivity of 90dB and an impedance of 8 ohm. Speaker is very easy to drive and projected an image that is much larger than its compact size suggests. Mids and highs were detailed and sharply focused with very lifelike dialogue. For the small home theater system, this speaker will more than deliver and actually make a “small” screen look and sound bigger. It will also make an excellent add on speaker to your computer audio setup if you stream movies on your computer.

Overall condition of the speaker is fair. Some scuff marks/scratches here and there and polishing swirl marks but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in

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Center Channel Speaker


Gloss black


Some scratches and polishing swirl marks