GamuT Audio C2R preamp. Lots of positive reviews. $3,000 MSRP

Selling for $795.00

High end from Denmark



GamuT Audio has been something of a dark horse in the audio World. Their products float through the market with only those in the know or the discerning audiophile who knows what the brand is capable off and appreciates them. And true enough, the C2R is an amazing preamp for the money. The transparency and smoothness it offers easily rivaled some preamps that cost twice as much as its $3,000 MSRP. Although pitched as a top end mid-fi preamp, this would do nicely in a “modestly” priced high end system. There is no shame in putting this into a preamp/poweramp that cost up to $15,000. That is how good this preamp is. Built quality is first class as with the materials used. At under $800 now, this is a steal! Preamp is a line only unit. Phono input is an option so if you want to add it in, you will need to get the phono card from GamuT Audio. There are two preouts via XLRs so biamping is a breeze if your amps have XLR inputs.

Cosmetically, the unit is very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote (their system remote controls volume only on the preamp) and will have the unit securely packed for safe shipping.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 14 in
Manufacturer Website



Minor scuff marks here and there