Esoteric P-0 CD transport. Ultra rare, Japan only model. Award winner! $13,000 MSRP.

Selling for $6,995.00

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This was widely considered by many audiophiles as the best CD transport ever made. Launched in conjunction with Esoteric’s 10th Anniversary, it looks nothing like what we see these days and when it starts reading a CD, it sounds like a mainframe computer processing data. Spectacular. This is a two box design where the power supply is housed in a separate enclosure on its own and all the sensitive data retrieving electronics in the “mainframe” unit. The transport unit (17.5″x7″x21″ – WHD) is nearly 70 lbs while the power supply (9″x7″x17.5″ – WHD) is about 40 lbs. Engineered and executed to the highest level, the P-0 is just a stunning piece to behold. It has the VRDS-0 CD transport which later evolved into the VRDS-NEO that we see in the subsequent P-Series of CD players and transports (like the P-o). Pairing it with a top notch DAC is mandatory to extract out the best from it. Three “sectioned” digital outputs are offered where you can opt for 44.1 KHz in the first section, selectable 44.1 KHz and 88.2 KHz in the second and a dual AES/EBU digital output where you can have the third option of 176.4 KHz when both AES/EBU outputs are used. The P-0 is a Japan only model (they tend to keep all the good stuff local!) so it operates in 100V (a step down converter is included). The previous owner, a Japanese doctor who migrated here brought this along with him and is only offering this up for sale because of his age and his slowly deteriorating hearing. This has been his one and only CD transport he has ever used. No other CD transport before it and after it has managed to wrench his heart away from it. That was how much he respected it and felt that nothing else out there was able to replace it.

Unit is in incredible condition with just very minor scuff marks common with use. We have the original remote for it and prefer a store pickup for this hefty piece. If shipping is required, contact us to discuss.


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Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 in
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Minor scuff marks here and there

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