Constellation Audio Centaur stereo amp. Lots of positive reviews. 1 owner! $26,000 MSRP

Selling for $8,995.00

Made in America reference amp



Constellation Audio is one of those brands  in the audio industry that sits in the stratosphere. They don’t make anything that is mid-fi or budget-fi and everything is geared towards achieving the highest level of sonic perfection. The Centaur was a “ground breaking” amp where it was offered as a stereo version of the Centaur mono but at a much “affordable” price point. $26,000 is no small amount but when you reflect on the reference level sound it produces and what the competition out there offers, it is not the most expensive nor is it the cheapest and is far more affordable than its newer MKII version which is priced at $55,000! When just measuring its sonic performance on its own, you can immediately tell, its certain distinguish level of quality that tells you your system is near the peak of its performance. Side by side with the Burmester 911 MKIII, both amps sound very close. The Centaur is slightly “more aggressive” versus the “politeness” in the Burmester. Power output starts at 250W in 8 ohm and goes up to 500W in 4 ohm and 800W in 2 ohm. If you have a pair of speakers that does not shy away from outperforming itself, the Centaur is a good partnering candidate. But if your speakers are “cultured” sounding, the Burmester will work wonders through it. At 1/3 its MSRP and 1/5 the current MSRP of the MKII, this is a steal!

The amp is in incredible condition overall with just one small minor nick on the left side edge that is barely noticeable unless you look for it. It has one owner since new and has been very well cared for. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe shipping. Manual is available online. Local pickup from our store welcome.

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Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 in

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Minor scuff marks common with use and one tiny nick on the side. See pics and listing




Reference Stereo Amp