Conrad Johnson 40th Anniversary ART 300 tube monoblocks. Lots of positive reviews! $38,000 MSRP

Selling for $17,500.00

Flagship tube amps from Conrad Johnson


As the flagship amp for Conrad Johnson, the ART 300 never disappoints for a single second. Being the larger of a two model flagship series and the celebratory 40th Anniversary amp, the ART 300 are 300W monoblocks versus the stereo 150W in the ART 150. We got a chance to both and the ART 300 (if your budget permits) is the runaway winner. Not only did it exhibit an almost bottomless pit of power reserve but it gave a bigger soundstage, warmer mids, sweeter highs and better bass control. Our past favorite tube monoblocks, the McIntosh MC-2301 has a slightly tighter, punchier bass but the ART 300 had a more balance approach across the frequency range and the mids and highs were more “flowery”, more lush sounding. Vocals were incredibly live like and 3D in the soundstage it projected. If you are still searching for the missing link in the amplification section of your system, the ART 300 may just end that search. Tube complements are 4x KT150 and 2x 6922. The ART 300 are limited production units with only 125 pairs made so don’t miss this chance in owning of best sounding KT150 based amps. The pair you see here previously belonged to a reviewer and will come with a few extra KT150 tubes and Synergistic Research fuses (currently installed in the amps).

Cosmetically, the units look good with minor scuff marks common with use. Previous owner used them in his library room system which saw minimal use (he has another room for his main listening system). Hours on the tubes are about 300 hours so lots of life left. Pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be strapped on a pallet for safe shipping.

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Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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ART 300


Minor scuff marks here and there


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