B&W HTM1D reference center speaker. ULTRA RARE! A monster! $9,000 MSRP

Selling for $3,995.00

Nothing is better than this!


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This is one center channel speaker you almost never see available in the used market. And for many good reasons. Owners of them almost never sell them (except in this case for personal reasons). Its big price tag and physical size means it is ultra exclusive and only big rooms/ houses and deep wallets apply. It weighs 205lbs…need we say more. Each HTM1D has three 8″ Rohacell woofers, a FST midrange in the highly recognizable Marlan sphere and of course, the diamond dome tweeter. Frequency range is from 38Hz to 28KHz with a sensitivity of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. It is very easy to drive but you would want to pair this bad boy with a massive dedicated amp to extract out the very best from this monstrosity. We initially drove it with a 80W amp and the amount of bass is just colossal! Our false ceiling was rattling from the bass energy it emits. If this speaker doesn’t perk up your movie watching experience, you might want to consider reading as your new hobby. Due to its size (38″ wide, 23″ deep and 23″ tall), it was designed to sit on the floor where it will just be two feet away from the bottom edge of the screen (it was previously used under a 150″ projector screen).

Needless to say, this speaker is for local pickup (preferred) or shipping by freight. We don’t have the original box so it will just be strapped on a pallet and given proper encasement for the trip to its new home. Speaker has a ding (the more “noticeable” one) towards the bottom edge on the rear with some scuff marks/nicks here and there around the speaker. It is not mint but if you can live some of its cosmetic shortcomings, this is probably the most outlandish center channel speaker you can add into your HT system. BRAND NEW Diamond ($1150 value) just installed (replaced the “filthy” looking one that was previously on it). The speaker is ULTRA RARE so don’t miss this opportunity to own one!

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Weight 440 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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Minor scuff marks, one small ding




Center Channel Speaker